Cement Testing

Tests on cement are done to check the strength and quality of cement used in construction. It helps us to identify the cement usage for different purposes based on its durability and performance. Wimpey laboratories, cement testing laboratory in UAE, offer the chemical and physical analysis of cement as per national and international standards. Our cement testing services in UAE include GGBS chemical analysis, BS EN 196-2, Micro Silica and Physical analysis. The major test on cement includes

Fineness Test

Fineness of cement is responsible for the hydration rate, evolution rate of heat and the rate of gain of strength. The fineness of cement can be determined by Sieve Testing or Air Permeability Testing.

Consistency Test

This test is done to find the setting time of cement using a standard test apparatus.

Setting Time Test

This test is conducted to find the initial and final setting time of the cement.

Strength Test

The strength of the cement is conducted on cement – mortar mixture. The compressive strength of the mortar is said as the strength of cement.

Soundness Test

This test is conducted to detect the presence of uncombined lime and magnesia in cement.

Heat of Hydration Test

This test is conducted to find out the heat produced during the hydration of cement due to chemical reaction.

Tensile Strength Test

This test is conducted on cement – mortar mixture using a tensile testing machine.

Chemical Composition Test

Different tests are conducted to find the amount of various constituents of cement.

Our Cement Testing Capabilities in UAE

Cement Chemical Analysis
BS EN 196-2/ASTM C114
OPC / GGBS / SRC / Micro silica / Fly Ash
  • Silicon Dioxide(SiO2)
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Iron Oxide(Fe2O3)
  • Calcium Oxide(CaO)
  • Magnesium Oxide(MgO)
  • Potassium Oxide(K2O)
  • Sodium Oxide(Na2O)
  • Chloride Content
  • Sulphur Trioxide(SO3)
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide(P2O5)
  • Chromium(6+)
  • Loss On Ignition(LOI)
  • Insoluble Residue
  • Lime Saturation Factor(LSF)
  • Silica Modules(SM)
  • Alumina Modules(AM)
  • Free Calcium
  • Tricalcium Silicate(C3S)
  • Dicalcium Silicate(C2S)
  • Tricalcium Aluminate(C3A)
  • Total Alkali
  • Total Alkalies as Na20
  • Tetra calcium aluminate ferrite C4AF
  • Tetra calcium aluminum ferrite+twice tricalcium aluminate C4af+2C3A
  • Sulphate
  • Na2O+0.658K2O
  • CaO Free
  • Liter weight

Cement Physical Analysis

BS EN 197/ASTM C150/ASTM C1240
OPC / GGBS / SRC / Micro silica / Fly Ash
  • Accelerated pozzolanic activity index
  • Blaine fineness
  • Air Content
  • Compressive strength
  • Density
  • Fineness- passing 45µm
  • Drying Shrinkage
  • Flexural strength
  • Setting time 
  • Moisture content
  • Soundness
  • Slag activity Index
  • Heat of Hydration
  • Length change when exposed to a Sulfate solution
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